Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good morning all! Welcome to the first post of the brand new and shiny badhack blog.

So what's badhack? Well it's the site that aims to strike a balance with those like the Bad Pitch Blog where concerned members of the world's journalistic community kindly help PR professionals improve their skills by highlighting where we're not performing at 100%. Merci, merci, merci! How very altruistic of you all.

But, wait a minute? Can we not help our journalist friends in a similar way? Do we not see on a daily basis less than perfect standards of writing, interviewing and general behaviour from those in the press? Wouldn't sharing these experiences help improve the overall standards of the Fourth Estate? I think it would.

This blog will be nothing without the full and enthusiastic participation of the PR industry, so please email with stories of where journalists might have let themselves down. Of course, we're not here to name and shame individuals, so we won't be naming names of contributors or journalists.

Watch this space.


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