Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not smart, casual

There was an infamously bolshy, yet curiously untalented, IT weekly hack who was insistent he be included on a media trip to the US. Way after check-in time, he eventually pitched up to the airport. He had clearly come straight to the airport from his bed, unfortunately not via a shower. He only had the clothes he stood up in (which could nearly stand up on their own) and a passport. Not even socks.

He spent the rest of the trip aggressively insisting that the PR folk looking after him buy everything from spare clothes to toothbrushes, to chewing gum, and providing him with cash to spend himself – on top of all the free food and booze which he regarded as his birthright.

Happily, the dot com bust winnowed this excuse for a journalist out of the system. Last heard of trying to join the PR industry…


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