Thursday, April 06, 2006

Over the edge

A while back I had the misfortune of having to pitch to the rather small UK Call Centre press. It was one of those things – when I saw a Call Centre publication people were taking the piss out of on Have I Got News For You I considered, once again, a career change but no matter.

The hack in question, a writer for one of theleading call centre pubs in the space (with a bit of a continental focus – draw your own conclusions) had committed to a briefing with my client some weeks previously. Given his obvious unreliability, I had confirmed this several times and foolishly assumed that all was well. It wasn’t.

On my final chase before the date, I made the mistake of calling again. Oh dear. The hack had an intoxicated nervous breakdown at me, revealing many personal issues in which I was wholly uninterested for nearly half an hour. Holding back laughter, I IMed my Ad who quite correctly suggested that I ‘go with the mood’.

I was able to extricate myself from the insane monologue in question by saying, ‘Yes, I can tell youare unwell. Best to tell them you are ill and can’t make the briefing’ and left it at that. Can’t think of a better training exercise.


  • Over the edge indeed. Actually, the same fellow also had a wonderful habit of explaining that despite the fact he had a call centre mag, he knew nothing about call centres before embarking on some unsolicited reminisces of forgotten days working on particularly obscure trade titles before hinting that some advertising would not go amiss. He would do this every time anyone called him, before they could finish their pitch, and would rarely acknowledge you had spoken to him before. Became a running joke in the office.

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