Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kewney v. Goma...who's your money on?

First of all, my apologies...Mr Bad Hack's been away; the following post was sent a couple of days ago.
So the hee-hee-larious guy Kewney episode has a darker side. Now that he's won oblique worldwide fame (albeit for not appearing on a TV programme) Guy Kewney is desperately lapping up the attention and posting articles that say he admires Guy Goma, the man who inadvertantly took his place:

"Watch his incredible recovery, and his determination to show that this may be a complete surprise to him, but that he can out-Kewney any darned NewsWireless Editor if he has to."

But in his initial post on his website Kewney was furious about the mix-up and said that unlike Guy Goma he wasn't an "ignoramous" who "cant speak english". He also stressed many times to (un)comic effect that he wasn't black, and mused that he should maybe sue the BBC for denying him his moment of fame.

Typical behaviour from this most miserable of hacks? Has anyone got any good Kewney stories that prove otherwise or provide more evidence of cantankerous behaviour?

As one of the people on Guy Kewney's cheap'n'cheerful site's message board so succinctly put it: "Reguardless of your backtracking now Guy Kewney, you are still a prize dickhead."


  • I was quite surprised to hear Guy Kewney getting slated as he has always been most helpful when he has dealt with us. Not Mr Grumpy at all!

    Actually, I think most people would have got slightly miffed at wasting a day and then being misrepresented by the Beeb.

    I was actually a tad surprised that badhack stooped to put the boot in over this silly business - but then an inflamatory 'knocking' story is much easier and more fun to write than one that adheres strictly to the truth.

    Especially if you have been (I merely surmise...) on the receiving end of Guy Kewney's acid wit.

    I bet this one doesn't get published!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:15 PM  

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